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As a trusted reseller of used industrial robotic equipment, Robot World puts every robot through a series of multi-point steps to qualify systems before we consider reselling them to our manufacturers. 

Refurbished industrial robot in full operation

Breathe new life into your tired robots and reduce maintenance time, with a complete rebuild.   Our robot rebuild consists of disassembly, cleaning, and validation of comports of both the mechanical and controller units. Replacement of high failure and wear items greatly decreases a chance for a “down production” scenario. Your unit will be reassembled, remastered, and run tested for 20hrs with a full payload, and repainted.  Expert Factory Trained Technicians confirm your robot is returned to NEW OEM performance specifications. Your rebuilt unit is covered with our in-service warranty. 



Our Refurbished Robots Meet or Exceed All OEM Specifications.

Robot Refurbishment begins with a pre-power-up inspection of cables connectors, motor caps, fans, switches/pushbuttons, Axes seals, proper PC board connections, loose items and other physical concerns which could potentially be problematic when power is applied. After which the robot will run a repeatability/durability/backlash test for a minimum of twelve (12) continuous hours with a full payload, through full range of motions.  This is followed by another inspection of mechanical and electrical components and a report of our findings is generated and provided to the customer. 

Note: The repeatability/durability/backlash test will be suspended in the event of a failure to maintain the OEM specifications or robot error. Any necessary repairs are quoted as time and material. The test will be re-run in its entirety (minimum 10 continuous hours) after approved required repairs have been made. 

The Following Mechanical Unit Items Comprise a Standard Refurbishment:

  • Custom repeatability test rig to ensure mechanical reliability 
  • Check for any physical damage, abnormal wear, or vibration in mechanical unit. All Servo Motors are thoroughly checked for any defects, including brakes and resolvers/encoders. 
  • Inspect all mechanical unit cables and connectors
  • Inspect robot operation with full payload. 
  • Clean all mechanical unit contact pins and plugs
  • Replace any missing or damaged zirc fitting and grease plugs
  • Replace the grease/oil in the J1-, J2-, J3-, J4-, and J5-, gear boxes. 
  • Replace the grease in the Axis 6 reducer
  • Provide a detailed report including repair recommendations and robot performance. 
  • Clean mechanical unit
  • Check balancers for wear
  • Grease the balancer bushings.
  • Paint robot (Optional) 
  • Replace serial measurement board resolver backup batteries
  • Determine future maintenance requirements
  • Robot service assessment based on inspection results
  • Check robot calibration 
  • Backlash testing of mechanical unit to determine if meets OEM specifications
  • Run a repeatability test of a minimum of fifty (100) cycles to confirm proper operation and cable connections prior to completion. 



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